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Spunlace nonwoven production process
Is "spun into cloth." The so-called "spunlace", is the use of high pressure water penetrate the fiber web, the fibers are so entangled, so that the original loose fibrous web has a certain strength and integrity of the structure. The process is: fiber metering and mixing - opener impurity - machinery messy carded - webs pre-wet - water injection entwined - Surface treatment - drying - coiling - Inspection - packaging and storage. Spunlace means is use of high pressure water jet flowing fiber network, the fiber web rearrange the fibers, each wound into a complete structure, with a certain strength and other properties of the nonwoven fabric. The physical properties of spunlace non-woven needle different from the common, both in feel and performance, are the only way to make the final product similar to woven textiles.

Spunlace features:
Does not exist in the process-type extrusion of the fiber web, thereby increasing the bulkiness of the final product; without using a resin or an adhesive, so as to maintain the inherent flexibility of fiber web; overall height of the product to avoid the generation of the product fluffy phenomenon; fiber network has high mechanical strength, textile strength of up to 80% to 90%; fiber network can be mixed with any species of the fibers. It is particularly worth mentioning that, spunlace fabric fiber network can be combined with any, made ​​of composite products. According to the production of a variety of different uses features of the product.

Spunlace advantages:
------ 1, softness, drape;
------ 2, good strength;
------ 3, having a high moisture absorbency and speed;
------ 4, low fuzz;
------ 5, washable;
------ 6, no chemical additives;
------ 7, looks like textiles.



Main purpose:
1. Disposable surgical gowns, surgical drop cloths, tablecloths surgery, surgical aprons;
2. Wound Dressing materials, bandages, gauze, bandage, etc.;
3, clothing such as garment interlining, baby clothes, workout clothes, carnival night-time color clothes, all kinds of protective clothing;
4, upholstery classes such as automotive interiors, home interiors, stage decoration, etc.;
5, categories such as household wipes, personal, beauty, industrial, medical dry wipes, etc.;
6, composite processing can be used, can produce a "sandwich" structure of the product category, the development of new multi-purpose composite

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